It is never a good sign if your phone has a damaged charger port. You cannot fix a charger port but have it serviced. Fortunately, charger ports are convenient to replace and do not cost much, unlike a broken LCD. Nonetheless, if you have to open your phone for an important reason, you can charge your smartphone using AA/AAA batteries. Yes, AA batteries can help you charge your cell phone with a broken charger port. Before proceeding, make sure that your phone has an issue with the charger port and nothing else.

Methods to Charge a Smartphone with a Broken Charger Port

Here are the methods:

  1. Fix the USB Port Yourself: This method is safe, fast, and familiar. Sometimes, the metallic surface of the charger port and the USB charger does not make decent contact. It could happen due to a manufacturer defect or from continuous plugging/unplugging of the charger cable. However, this problem is easy to fix. Firstly, clean your charging port by removing any dirt caught on its charging pin using a flashlight. Then, turn your device off. Remove your phone battery if it is removable. Utilize a mini stick to reorganize any mislaid tabs inside your phone’s USB port. If the charging pin is lined up faultily, lever it up steadily and lightly. Insert your phone battery, and plug in the charger to charge your phone.
  1. Charge Cell Phone Battery with another Battery: This method is effective for smartphones with a removable battery; otherwise, switch to Method 1. Here is what you need to do to benefit from this method:

Step 1: Remove your phone’s battery to get access to its connection points.

Step 2: Have a 9 Volts battery ready.

Step 3: Find the positive and negative batteries’ connectors.

Step 4: Ensure the phone’s battery, and the extra battery has identical voltage. Usually, a phone battery has 3.7 volts, whereas a single AA battery has 1.5 volts. So, you will require three AA batteries.

Step 5: Have two metal wires covered in plastic insulation.

Step 6: Tape your AA batteries together.

Step 7: Next, tape your insulated wires to the battery to give it the charge and to your battery.

Step 8: Now, wait for some time to see if they have charged a bit. Remember this method of charging your phone can charge the phone battery to some level. Yet, it should only be used in an emergency. Please do not make a habit out of it.

  1. Rub the Battery:  Hold the battery between your palms. Then, rub it in between your palms to generate enough heat and friction. Put your battery back in the smartphone and try charging your phone. If you fail to fix your broken charger port this way, the problem is not your port. Instead, it is your phone’s battery that has an issue.


It is not a good sign for you if your phone has a broken charger port. Nevertheless, if you have to open your phone for any reason, you can charge it using any of the following methods:

  1. Try fixing the USB port yourself to charge your phone’s battery.
  2. Charge your phone battery with a single AA battery. (This method is for emergencies only)
  3. Rub your phone’s battery and try charging it.

If the above methods fail to charge your phone’s battery, the problem is not with the charger port. Instead, the problem is with your phone’s battery. In the latter case, do not waste your time and have the battery replaced by a cell phone repair shop.