Cell phones take up a significant chunk of our daily routine. Whether it’s your leisure time or work activity, you cannot imagine spending even 4 hours without having a look at your phone’s screen. And that much usage of any device means we have to use it quite roughly.

Cell phones either stay in our pocket or a purse while we are out. With the lint in those spaces, sometimes the charger port of our cell phone gets clogged. If the amount of dirt or lint accumulates too much in our cell phone’s charger port, it may stop working properly.

The Problem

The problem starts when you plug in your charger, and the phone detects it for a short while. You put it on charge for about an hour or so and come back to only find out that it wasn’t charging the whole time. That is because the charger port was clogged with dirt, and after a few seconds, it stopped the conduction of the current.

You cannot take this problem lightly because the long-term presence of dirt in the charger port can destroy the battery. When that happens, you may even have to contact a cell phone repair and servicing company. The solution is simple, and you can prevent it by following these easy steps.

The Solution

First of all, you need to identify whether there is anything stuck inside your cell phone’s charger port or a hardware issue. To do that, you need to:

Look Inside The Port Carefully

Hold your phone upside down to bring the charger port up close to your vision. Next, shine a flashlight inside the charger port and look inside with one eye closed. You will be looking for either a silver or gold-coloured tiny pin-like thing. If you can see that clearly, it means the port is already clean. In that case, there may be a hardware issue with your phone. For getting your phone’s hardware issue fixed, you will need a professional cell phone repair service.

If you find any accumulated dirt or lint inside, your second step is to get it out.

Gently Tap Your Phone On a Hard Surface

Make sure that you do it as gently as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the screen or the internal circuitry. With the charger port facing down, you need to knock your phone on a tabletop to loosen up any dirt particles inside. Don’t expect anything to fall out from the port that quickly. You just want to make sure that the stuck particles are displaced a little bit.

Use a Pin To Take Out The Dirt

Now you will need a pin and a tiny piece of cotton or tissue paper. Put that little piece of cleaning material on the pin and slide it into the port while watching inside closely. Carefully take out any particles that are in there. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on the pin while it’s in the port, or you will damage the charger port.

If this trick fails, you don’t need to try any more DIY methods because you don’t want to mess with the phone’s hardware.

Reach Out To a Professional

The best way to deal with any such issues is to visit a professional cell phone repair company. Experienced technicians have all the necessary tools and skills to handle all types of such problems. In addition, they will give your phone a good service or repair if needed.

The Take-away

You will find many other DIY solutions to clean the charger port of your cell phone online. However, do apply only the methods that don’t mess with your phone’s hardware, such as cleaning the port with an air blower. In some cases, a blower can also corrupt the charger port from the inside. And while cleaning it with a pin, you need to be extra careful not to touch the battery terminals with the tip of the pin.