You are preparing for the office, and you have to get ready within ten minutes because you are getting late. Suddenly, you drop your iPhone accidentally when you try to pick up a call while making breakfast in the kitchen.

Your frustration level increases when you see the cracked iPhone screen. But you don’t need to worry about it too much. It happens all the time. The best thing is that you can get it fixed.

Although, the manufacturer always claims that the glass of their device is very durable because it is made with gorilla glass and whatnot. Well, let us tell you that they are not bulletproof. The glass could break when force is applied. As mobile phones are so portable and their sleek design doesn’t provide a firm grip, it’s no surprise people drop their phones so much.

In this article, we will discuss what you should do and your options for repairing the screen.

Let’s get started.

How to figure out the extent of damage to your phone?

Sometimes, your iPhone is so severely damaged that replacement is just not a suitable option. In that case, the smart choice would be to go for a complete replacement. But, how can you find out if you have to go for a complete replacement or not? Would it be cost-effective to get the phone replaced or just the iPhone glass replaced? Well, you need to inspect the damage to figure out the extent of the damage. Continue reading to find out.

Inspect the Damage

You have to see and analyze if the physical damage to your iPhone is less than the screen damage, then you can go with the screen replacement because it would be viable. However, when the frame has been affected by the damage, and it got bent, you should not replace your screen because it wouldn’t even fit perfectly. And, even if it somehow does, it will break eventually with the slightest impact. That’s why, when you see that the frame has been, you shouldn’t go with the option of screen replacement.

On the other hand, sometimes the frame might look perfectly fine without any bend or scratches. However, there is something called internal damage. You need to inspect that and make sure that your iPhone is not damaged internally. Again, it wouldn’t be a good decision if there is internal damage because it would temporarily fix the problem. Lastly, we all know that you have to replace your mobile phone completely if the damage is too severe like a car ran over it.

Check for battery damage

We don’t want to scare you but let us inform you that the battery can explode if badly damaged. That’s why repairing a damaged battery is not only challenging but also dangerous at the same time.

Hence, you need to be careful if your battery is affected by the damage. First, you need to see if your iPhone turns on. If it does, then it’s a positive indication. Yes, you wouldn’t be able to use your phone as your screen is cracked, but you can still see its backlight. After that, check if the back of your phone is getting hot. If yes, then it’s not a good sign. It would be best if you immediately placed the mobile phone somewhere safe because there are chances that it might combust. On the other hand, if the backlight is turning on and the back surface of your iPhone is not getting hot either, iPhone screen replacement is a good option.

What Repair options do you have?

One option that you have is to repair your iPhone screen yourself. We wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. It’s only for those people who have the knowledge and the skills to accomplish this task. It also depends on whether you have the necessary tools.

DIY Repair

If you are confident enough to go ahead with the repair yourself, you’d need the essential iPhone screen repair tools. You can get these from a repair shop. Moreover, these kits, which include the repair tools, are not too costly.

It’s not too difficult to fix the screen repair, but you should know how to do it, or else you could cause further issues in your iPhone. DIY repair sounds fun and interesting, but it’s not. Some people watch a couple of YouTube videos or read some blog and think they can do it. They just make the problem more severe and then have to get a new cell phone.

Third-party repair

The iPhone repair shops are so common now. You can find these shops on almost every corner. The reason is that people can’t repair the cell phones themselves, and sending them to an Apple Store takes up a lot of time and money. They want a quick and cost-effective repair. A reliable iPhone repair shop can have your phone fixed in no time.

However, you have to be very careful when choosing third-party repair shops. You don’t know who is experienced and professional in dealing with the iPhone screen replacement. Beware, nicely furnished shops can be deceiving. So how would you get to know if the technician is reliable or not? Well, the best option is to ask for a reliable repair shop from your friend and family. If they know about it, then you should probably go to that repair shop. If not, then you can check the rating and reviews of the shop before you go there.


You can get the screen of your iPhone replaced. You can either do it yourself or go to a repair shop to get it fixed. Before getting your screen fixed, you should do a cost-benefit analysis. If the screen replacement outweighs the replacement of the phone, then it’s viable to get your screen replaced.

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