There is no reason to believe you should never use an Apple mobile. It is a matter of preferences, and if you choose to have an iPhone, well, you may be one of those who like using it.

That said, when you use any smartphone, you can experience some issues. It’s normal. But how can you get your hands on a replacement guide that can help you replace any component of your phone? Well, that is where we come in.

Today we have brought you iPhone 13 mini taptic engine replacement guide. We should let you know that this is the easiest replacement guide you can find on the internet, hands down. You must focus and read the whole blog post, so you don’t miss any step.

Before we start, we always make sure to start with the tools necessary for you to have so you can start the process.


  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Heating pad
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Suction cups
  • Suction Handle
  • ESD Safe Tweezers Blunt Nose
  • Spudger
  • Phillips PH000 Screwdriver
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver
  • Standoff Screwdriver for iPhones

Always remember when you are about to replace a component in your smartphone. Ensure you already have the replacement part, so you don’t waste your precious time.

Let us begin the replacement guide.

Remove the screws

Have you ever noticed the two screws beneath your iPhone 13 mini? Well, it is time for you to unscrew them with the help of a P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver. Remember to place them somewhere secure, so you don’t lose them. The best way to gather all the screws while unscrewing any from your smartphone is with the help of a magnet.

Heating the edges

The next step is to heat the edges of your iPhone mini 13. Ensure that you don’t overheat as it can damage the internal of your iPhone and, in some cases, the screen itself. You can use a hairdryer, a heating pad or anything that should not damage the surface of your iPhone.

Creating a gap

When you are heating the phone, it is time to create some gaps so you can insert the opening picks. But that is a later step. With the help of suction cups and suction handle, carefully place each suction cup on both front and back and ensure they are airtight. Once done, open the jaw of your suction cup handle so it can lift the screen. Since you already heated the adhesive, it should come out easily.

Inserting the opening picks

You have to insert multiple opening picks at each corner to easily cut the adhesive. Once you see an opening, quickly insert the opening pick. Repeat this step multiple times until you have multiple openings.

Separating the screen adhesive

The next step is to cut the adhesive. It is a tricky part, and it involves a heating pad. Please ensure the heating pad you are using is heated because, in this step, you must use it multiple times. To cut the adhesive, heat a small part of the edge so you can soften the adhesive, then pull the opening pick alongside each corner by cutting the adhesive. Make sure to insert the opening pick not more than 1mm. If you insert more than that, you could damage other internal components of your iPhone 13.

Opening the iPhone Mini 13

After cutting the adhesive, it is time for you to slice open the iPhone 13 screen. You have to be extra careful as some wires are still attached, and you don’t have to lift off the entire screen. Just slight tilt it like you open a book. And let the other half rest on something.

Unscrewing the battery and display connector cover

The connector cover secures the display and battery connector. The display connector holds the screen, so unplug it first. To do that, you have to unscrew the cover. There will be one screw that you have to unscrew to remove the cover. Remove it, then remove the cover with the help of a tweezer.

Unscrewing the front sensor connector cover

Once done, move on to this step.

You should disconnect the front sensor from the board. To do that, you have to remove the three screws (securing the front sensor assembly cover):

  • One PH000 1.4 mm-long screw
  • One Y000 1.8 mm-long screw
  • One Y000 1.2 mm-long screw

Once you remove the screws, lift the cover with the help of a tweezer.

Underneath the cover, you can see the front sensor assemble cables you must dismantle.

Now you can safely remove the screen and work easily on the rest of your replacement guide.

Unscrewing the taptic engine

Three screws are holding down the taptic engine. Remove the three Phillips screws:

  • One 1.5 mm-long screw
  • One 2.1 mm-long screw
  • One 1.9 mm-long screw

Once the screws are off, with the help of the tweezer, disconnect its connector, and you are pretty much done.

Final words

Make sure you are following each step to see the perfect results. If you want to reassemble the phone, follow these steps in reverse order, and you are good to go. You can always contact your trustworthy cell phone repair in downtown Vancouver. You can save up to 75% and don’t even worry about losing your data. If you are unsatisfied with the repair, you can ask for a refund, and the best part is they are quick. Be sure to contact us so we can help you resolve your issue.