You were on a call with your best friend for a long time. It was fun to catch up with him, and hours went by in the blink of an eye. But now your mobile has heated up. Why does that happen? What are some of the other things that could heat your cell phone?

Cell phone overheating is not an uncommon issue. Many people face this issue various times. The cell phone doesn’t only heat up because of talking for long hours. There are various causes for it. For instance, you decided to go for some outdoor activity because it was a bright, sunny day outside. You sat and enjoyed the day and kept your cell phone beside you. Now the phone is hot, and you haven’t done anything. You also could have been blasting music for a long time, and the same thing happens again. Whenever we go out in the heat, we tend to think about our skin and how we can protect it from the sun. That’s why we apply sunscreen. However, do we think you can protect your phone from the sun?

You may consider taking precautions the next time you go out for an outdoor activity to prevent the phone from getting too hot.

In this article, we will talk about the cell phone overheating issue and tips to avoid it.

Why does your phone get hot? 

There are multiple reasons why your cell phone might get hot. It can get hot because of a lot of apps running in the background. Or, it could be due to a battery issue, hardware problem, and sometimes there can be malware.

The phone adjusts its internal temperature according to the temperature of the environment. There could be various consequences due to overheating. When your phone overheats, the battery drains out pretty quickly; it could also shut down all of a sudden. At extreme temperatures, the cell phone’s CPU might melt as well. Yes, that’s possible.

As discussed earlier, the outside temperature is not the only reason your cell phone heats up. There are several other reasons, including the problem with the battery, apps not shutting down properly, etc. That’s why you may consider visiting a reliable mobile phone repair shop to diagnose the main cause of the overheating. Sometimes, it could just be an issue of apps. There can be a few apps that are consuming a lot of power. Therefore the battery drains very fast, and, as a result, the mobile phone heats up.

Furthermore, one more thing contributing to the phone’s heat up is how frequently you use the phone. When you use the cell phone all the time, the battery would have to work nonstop; as a result, your phone’s temperature increases. Lastly, make sure that you don’t leave the phone to charge overnight as this could deteriorate the cell phone’s battery and cause overheating.

Tips to avoid Overheating of the Phone

Here are some of the top tips on how you can avoid overheating the phone.

1-Don’t play games for long hours: You might download heavy graphics games like PUBG or Clash of Clans if you are into gaming. We know that these games are extremely fun to play. However, the drawback is that it forces the CPU and GPU to work to their peaks, generating heat. That’s why you could end up with an overheated phone. It’s fine when you occasionally play these games. But, if you are playing it for straight 3-6 hours, you shouldn’t be surprised when it heats up. It is recommended to take frequent breaks if you are playing for long hours.

2-Close the background apps: Imagine you were using Facebook, and after some time, you thought of checking your email, so you minimized Facebook and opened Gmail. The problem is that the Facebook app is still active and running in the background. Similarly, that happens with every other app that you minimize. And, if the number of apps running in the background is more, then your mobile phone’s system has to work harder to keep them running. And that results in the overheating of the phone. That’s why make sure that you always turn off the background apps.

3- Avoid turning your screen brightness up: Similar to running too many apps in the background, turning the brightness up would also heat the phone as the battery has to work harder, which would result in heat production. You might be thinking, what can you do in the sunlight? Well, there is a good solution for that. You can have an anti-glare cover for your mobile phone. It will ensure that you can see the phone screen even when the brightness is not increased to the maximum.

4-Update the apps: We all use different kinds of apps on our phones. Some specific apps also cause the cell phone to overheat or behave weirdly. And, that is not something difficult to deal with. All you have to do is to update your phone from time to time.


Cell phone overheating is a common issue faced by many. Cell phones don’t have a cooling system like computers. That’s why heating the cell phone is inevitable. There are some ways by which you can avoid overheating your phone, and they are described above. If you are unsure why your cell phone is getting overheated, you may consider contacting the cell phone repair shop who will diagnose the problem and will let you know what to do about it.