Smartphones are a basic necessity for many people nowadays. We can not imagine passing our day without having smartphones. Nevertheless, it has made life easier for all of us. We can contact our loved ones with just some taps on the screen. But the more advancements we see in the field, the more sensitive and fragile they become. All it takes is a little fall or bump and you find yourself the owner of an iPhone with a broken rear glass. We understand that you don’t want that to happen. BUT…it’s inevitable.

You don’t have to worry about it because there are solutions for every problem with your iPhone. There are so many repair shops in every corner of the world. You can easily get your iPhone back glass repaired from a reliable repair shop.

Many people tend to think that if they have minor back glass damage, they can ignore it and keep using it. Little do they know that the crack on the back glass will get bigger with time. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Let’s find out more about it!

Why does iPhone have glass backs?

As we all know, there are innovations in technology every day. The wireless charging feature is one of them. To facilitate wireless charging in iPhone, Apple has built the back of the iPhone with glass. We all have seen that the iPhone used to have a metal back in the previous models. However, they couldn’t do that now as the iPhone wouldn’t be suitable for high-speed wireless charging if the back were built with metal. Secondly, It could heat up pretty easily.

That’s why to avoid these things; Apple has decided to make their new models with glass backs. By the way, it does look very elegant with the glass backs, right?

For styling and marketing

In today’s day and age, everyone goes for the style first; then they look for its features. This rule doesn’t only apply to the mobile phone. Even if we talk about ourselves, we won’t buy something that looks terrible but has a good feature, right? Well, most of us won’t. That’s why to compete in the rigorous mobile phone competition; the mobile phone manufacturers have to make sure that they are bringing some unique looks to their mobile phones.

The glass back in the new iPhones looks great, and the users love it. It is observed that people were tired of using the metal back. Apart from getting boring, the metal back used to get hot easily.

Safety and protection

We all tend to drop our mobile phones accidentally. It happens all the time. However, fortunately, the glass back of the iPhone is strong enough to handle the impact. 9H tempered glass of the iPhone is known for its hardness. It is indeed a very tough glass. Even if it gets broken with a huge impact on it, it will not affect your iPhone. Most probably, it would be working fine.

You could still use your phone with the broken rear glass. But, let us tell you that you might hurt your fingertips with it. And also, the crack could increase further, causing more damage. Most importantly, it wouldn’t look good at all.

On top of that, the back of the glass is equipped with wireless charging technology, so if you got your back glass broken, you might not be able to do that.

What is the iPhone back glass laser machine?  

The laser machine is a wonderful thing that would remove the broken rear glass of your iPhone easily. Apart from removing the back glass perfectly, one of the best advantages of this machine is that it is cost-effective. You wouldn’t need to pay as you used to in the traditional removal method of the back screen.

It can separate the mid frames, bezel, back glasses of iPhones and many other smartphones as well.

These laser machines are extremely efficient and can do the job with almost all the models of smartphones. Now you wouldn’t have to worry about paying a lot of money for the back glass removal. It doesn’t only help in the back glass removal, but it also comes into play for the bezel laser separation, laser marking of the logo, etc.

Let’s see some of the advantages of this great machine:

  1. It is very safe and efficient.
  2. It perfectly manages to remove the back glass.
  3. It can work for the mid-frame, a bezel for all the smartphone models.

How does this work?

If you go to apple to repair the back glass, it would probably cost you an arm and a leg for the repair. Luckily, you can save that money now. The laser machine is a great thing that will fix your back glass. In the laser machine, you’d find a red pointer which would make sure that the machine is focussing on the surface of the broken glass. Once the machine has focused it, the laser marker is shot with the help of the “now mark.”

The laser is too strong, which would engrave the metal. However, it would only focus on the glass surface once the laser starts. After the laser starts, you’d see the magic of the separation of the glass from the metal surface of your device. The fume is generated when the process of the polarization starts, and the extraction unit sucks it. There are so many designs that have been inbuilt into the machine to cater to all the smartphone models. There are two rotations of the laser beam. The first is used to remove the adhesive of the glass, and the second laser is used to remove the glass fully. If you are wondering that it would take too long to remove the glass fully, then you are wrong because it takes around 8-10 minutes to remove it fully. Once the laser process is done, you can now easily get rid of the glass with the help of some tool.


Since the invention of this amazing laser device, you don’t have to remove it by some other methods and pay much more for it. This is a great method that would help you your iPhone back glass repair without any hassle. Although the back glass of the iPhone is very tough, unfortunately, it also breaks sometimes.

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