Have you reached the end of your smartphone contract? It’s time you upgraded. There are many choices when it comes to picking a novel smartphone; however, you will need to examine the specifications, makes, and models so that things can become simple for you. Follow the guidelines below and pick your sought-after smartphone:

Guideline #1: iOS or Android

When it comes to smartphones, you get two options. You can either go for Apple iPhones or Android smartphones. The majority of your beloved mobile applications (app), ranging from ‘Facebook to Spotify’ will run on both. Both of these OSs (Operating Systems) also offer identical fundamental features. Android has a better OS (Operating System) than iOS in terms of customization. Apple’s OS is more refined but restrictive than Android. Both operating systems are considered equal if you consider their performance and features. You can choose the right OS if you consider the applications or platforms you use.

Guideline #2: Examine the Specifications

Smartphone specifications are very similar to computer specs. The processor manipulates how fast the phone thinks; the RAM (Random Access Memory) determines: How much the phone can think about at the same time?. The storage space determines the room for your apps, music files, games, and other files. Moreover, you get the screen size and resolution that can affect the acuity of images and text on the screen, as well as how well you can hold a smartphone in one hand. However, if you have a low budget, the smartphone specs don’t matter too much. You should look at the smartphone’s specs inline with your budget and purchase a smartphone accordingly.

Guideline #3: Pick the Smartphone at the Right Price

One of the most important considerations while buying a smartphone is price. The simplest and easiest way of narrowing down your choices is to look at what’s available in your price range? Android phones come for a lower price than iPhones. Yes, there are also expensive Android smartphones; still, You can find Android smartphones for decent mid-range prices if you’re tight on budget. You can get older iPhones by Apple at a low price, as the new ones always come as big-ticket. You will have to compromise on the screen resolution, camera quality, and application loading speed if you purchase a low budget smartphone. OnePlus is a Chinese firm that has made a name for itself by offering flagship smartphones at quite affordable prices. Go with the older smartphones if you can’t afford to purchase high-priced smartphones and vice versa.

Guideline #4: Wait for the Right Time

It would be best if you had the time of year in mind when you plan to buy a new smartphone. Apple typically launches its new iPhones in September yearly, and Google Pixel gets launched soon afterward. Many other manufacturers release their cell phones around February or March in a year. So if you want to buy a specific smartphone, you should know about the time of year when it gets launched.


So there are different guidelines that you need to follow to buy a new smartphone. Firstly, decide if you want to go with the operating system, Android, or iOS. Secondly, have a look at smartphone specs. Thirdly, know your budget. Last but not least, wait for the right time to buy your newest smartphone. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your phone because it’s damaged in some way, you could also consider repairing your cell phone instead of buying a new one.