It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a new cell phone or getting yourself locked in a cell phone contract, you should know one thing: A cell phone is an expensive investment in terms of its value and how frequently you use it. It’s also one of the things that can quickly get damaged, lost, or stolen. All of the preceding events are costly and stressful at the same time. Depending on how you buy your phone through one of the major providers, you get the options for protecting your device. The manufacturers render a complimentary warranty (also, augmented extended warranties are available to purchase). All top carriers offer phone insurance either as an add-on to your monthly plan cost whenever you sign up or be purchased separately. Let’s look at the extended warranty plans of three top carriers of Canada, including Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

Canada’s Cell Phone Warranties Compared

  1. Bell: This carrier uses a hybrid plan structure. The carrier offers shares plans, which permits the users unlimited local/national calling and Canada-wide texting and a data bucket that one can share with up to 9 additional people. Bell’s extended warranty plan include the following:

“Protect your device with extended warranty coverage for manufacturer’s defects beyond the original twelve months; the plan includes the physical damage, power surge, liquid damage, theft/loss, normal wear, and tear, with up to 2 replacements.”

  1. Rogers: The largest carrier in Canada is Rogers, which possesses the largest individually-built network, as Bell and Telus share significant infrastructure portions. Rogers deploys its media properties and partnerships effectively, offering the extended warranty plans to its customers. Rogers’ extended warranty plan include the following:

“Protect your device with extended warranty coverage after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires; the coverage includes loss, theft, and accidental damage. The warranty also includes the first screen break repair for a $0 processing fee, in case of no other cell phone damage.”

  1. Telus: Another popular carrier in Canada is Telus. It has been the best coverage carrier in Canada for years. Telus has also won the title for the fastest and the most reliable national network in 2018. Telus sustains the gold standard of nationwide network reliability. Telus’ extended warranty plan include the following:

“Telus extends the manufacturer’s warranty for two more years and renders three years of accidental damage coverage. The carrier offers protection up to two incidents during a continuous 24-months period.”

So all the extended warranty plans of the mobile carriers, including Bell, Rogers, and Telus, are handy but comes with a price.


No doubt, a cell phone is an expensive investment; however, one can avoid facing a stressful situation by making the most of the top Canadian cell phone carriers extended warranties. Bell offers an extended warranty to cell phone users if the defects come from the side of a manufacturer. Rogers extended warranty includes a loss, theft, or damage, so you can get a new cell phone if any of the preceding mishaps happen to your cell phone. Telus extends the warranty to 2 more years and renders the coverage for three years in case of accidental damage to a cell phone. Yes, the extended warranty plans do come for a price, but they are worth the investment.