Canada has some of the most big-ticket wireless plans in the world for cell phones, so it seems hard to find the cheapest plans in the region; however, low-cost plans for cell phone also exists. Low-cost cell phone plans in Canada come from some of our favorites and smaller carriers like Chatr, Freedom Mobile, Lucky Mobile, and Public Mobile.

  1. Chatr Wireless Budget Cell Phone Plan: The cut-rate unlimited plan in Canada is the $25 ‘Prepaid Talk & Text Plan’ per month from Chatr Wireless. This plan embraces unlimited minutes and unrestricted texting anywhere throughout Canada. This plan adds unlimited data when a cell phone user authorizes ‘Auto-Pay’.
  2. Freedom Mobile Budget Cell Phone Plan: ‘Big Gig Unlimited & Talk Plan’ is one of the best budget cell phone plans offered by Freedom Mobile. This plan does not offer a device financing plan; however, you can get a new iPhone or Android phone for no additional cost with this plan that will cost you $60.0 per month.
  3. Lucky Mobile Budget Cell Phone Plan: Lucky Mobile offers the ‘Cheapest Data-Only Plan in Canada’, which may cost you $15.0 per month. The plan comes with 250 MB (MegaByte) data. Lucky Mobile will augment another 500 MB once you pre-authorize monthly payments. There are no data overage fees for this plan if you go over 750 MB and your month is up.
  4. Public Mobile Budget Cell Phone Plan: Public Mobile also offers one of the cheapest plans for smartphones that includes ‘100 Minutes Talk + Texting + 250 MB Bonus’ and comes for $15.0 per month. When the smartphone users sign up with ‘Auto-Pay’, Public Mobile will add 250 MB to their basic talk and text plan to let them stay connected online. Public Mobile also credits the smartphone users with credits up to $20 for its loyal users.

Why Are the Budget Cell Phone Plans Mentioned Above Less Expensive?

Various factors encourage cell phone companies like the ones mentioned above to offer low-cost budget plans to cell phone users in Canada. Here are those factors:

  1. 3G (Third-Generation) Technology: Some of the cell phone carriers deploy 3G technology while offering budget cell phone plans to cell phone users. Thus, it saves them enough amount of money while reducing the internet speed for cell phone users. 
  1. Data Speed: Some budget cell phone companies reduce cell phone users’ data speed while offering them the plan. Consequently, it helps such cell phone carriers to save their costs. 
  1. The Competition: The more the usage of a cell phone in Canadian regions means, the lesser is the price of a cell phone plan for cell phone users. So if there’s more competition in any Canadian region for cell phones, you will find the cheapest plans there. For instance, the plans in Quebec are much less expensive owing to the competition going on there.


Yes, Canada’s cell phone plans are big-ticket; still, there are companies like Chatr and Public Mobile who care about the hard-earned money of Canadian citizens and offer them the cheapest plans. There are reasons while some companies provide the most affordable plans to cell phone users in Canada that includes the usage of 3G technology, reduced data speed, and intense competition. Last but not least, it’s great to see that some cell phone companies care about the pockets of low-budget customers.