You may have heard of the various smartwatches that are exciting to wear. Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of such watches; it has also rumoured that OnePlus is in the process of developing a smartwatch that may be known as an ‘OnePlus Watch’. We don’t know loads of details about the smartwatch, but it seems that the watch has been in the development process for a while. OnePlus has also more or less confirmed that it’s coming.

When Did We Know about OnePlus Watch?

We got a hint about the watch during the launch of the OnePlus 8T. One of the social media giants, ‘Twitter’, is where we heard rumours talking about that smartwatch. Without any further ado, let’s get to the points.

Getting to the Point:

What is the OnePlus smartwatch? It’s the first smartwatch from the brand, OnePlus.

When will the watch be available? There is no date announced; possibly, we shall hear about the smartwatch release date soon.

What will be the cost of the OnePlus Smartwatch? We are unsure about it at the time.

About the OnePlus Watch Release Date:

There is not any news about the announcement of the watch. However, the watch has got spotted on the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). You may get the clues about the smartwatch through the preceding places over time. The resources said the smartwatch’s news did not announce alongside the OnePlus 8T, and we are not sure whether the OnePlus will launch anything more significant. It rumored that OnePlus Nord Lite would launch at the end of 2020, so the smartwatch may launch.

About the OnePlus Watch Price:

For the price, the resources have no ideas, as the rumours have not written anything about the cost of the OnePlus smartwatch. However, there is an Oppo Watch available for $300. Oppo and OnePlus have the same parent company having similar features in their cell phones; still, rumours suggest that the OnePlus watch will get differently priced than the Oppo Watch.

News and Leaks:

The exciting news about the OnePlus watch is that it does exist. According to OnePlus tweet, we have a clue that OnePlus is coming up with loads of new inventions, so the smartwatch is not an exclusion. Some rumours leaked that the smartwatch will have a circular screen, and the revised version will also follow the same screen. According to one of the OnePlus employees: ‘The company is actively working to come up with a smartwatch.’ According to the leaks, the OnePlus watch will have a Wear OS (Operating System) and the recent Snapdragon Wear 4,100 or 4,100 Plus chipset.

What to Conclude?

The following are the things that you could extract from the above discussion as a synopsis:

  • OnePlus Watch is in the process of development.
  • The price of a watch is not yet confirmed.
  • OnePlus watch may be available at the end of 2020.
  • According to one of the employees of OnePlus: The OnePlus watch will be coming soon.
  • The watch will run the Wear OS, and it will feature either Snapdragon Wear 4,100 or 4,100 Plus chipset.