The release date of the iPhone 13 is getting near. With it comes the speculations of satellite connectivity to the phone. When senior Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the new iPhone might have satellite connectivity, it immediately became the hottest news and spread like wildfire. This new upgrade will let the user make phone calls without cellular signals. This is such an amazing advancement for iPhone users, but the real question remains unanswered. Is it going to happen? Are the users ready for the upcoming challenges with this new advancement? We are still hoping and waiting for iPhone 13 to be released; this could be the only way to find out.

iPhone 13 is set to be released in September. It could have the needed hardware to tap into the signal of low earth orbit satellite. The upcoming iPhone 13 and its advanced specs are going to bring something exciting for its users. iPhone did bring some changes in the past couple of years, but the users were not that happy.

However, Bloomberg is reporting that the new feature in iPhone 13 is going to be limited. The limit will only let the user use the satellite feature for emergency purposes. Bloomberg also reported that connectivity would most likely be through text messages rather than a call. As of Kuo note, this new advancement will occur because of the new Qualcomm X60 baseband chip, most likely to be the latest hardware upgrade for all upcoming iPhones.

Specifications And More

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that the iPhone 13 would launch four new phones, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max. Surely the latest mobile sets will have the all-new iOS 13. All the new devices will be equipped with better batteries, a smaller notch, a bionic chip, an improved face id, and much more. But nothing has been substantiated yet, and these are still rumours.


The new satellite communication could be instrumental in crises, and the users can get immediate help with this new feature. But some challenges are narrating that these myths could be false. For instance, this new feature and its requirement does not meet in many countries, making it hard for iPhone to sell this model around the globe. However, Apple also suggested requiring a certain outdoor space for users to use this feature, which tells us that it could backfire.

In Conclusion

The new iPhone 13 and its new iOS 13 and later sure will give iPhone users something new. Sadly everything we know till now is just rumours and myths. But few things said by Ming-Chi Kuo make sense and help us remain optimistic about the new iPhone 13.