Well, you have smashed your cell phone screen. Now you are wondering: What to do with your broken cell phone screen? Should you go to the nearest repair shop to get your cell phone screen fixed or wait for a new phone contract? How much will it cost you to get your screen repaired? Should you go with the third party screens or get an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) screen? The answers to all of the preceding questions have answered in details below:

Should You Go To The Nearest Repair Shop To Get Your Cell Phone Screen Fixed Or Wait For A New Phone Contract?

Yes, you can wait for the new cell phone contract only if the contract of the cell phone whose screen you have broken is near the end; however, if you have broken your cell phone at the start of the contract, the wiser choice for you would be to get your cell phone screen repaired from the repair shop. It will help you save time and money. The screen repair can also extend the life of a cell phone. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the data that you have saved while getting your current cell phone repaired. If you get your old cell phone repaired, you won’t need to read up on the latest features of a newly released cell phone.

How Much Will It Cost You to Get Your Screen Repaired?

If you’ve broken your cell phone screen, you can capitalize on two options which are: Getting your screen repaired from the original manufacturer or going to a repair shop. If your cell phone is under warranty, you can save a good sum of money. However, if the cell phone is not on a warranty, you can go to the repair shop. Still, going to the repair shop for cell phone screen repair is the right option. By doing so, you do not need to face the hassle of mailing your phone to the manufacturer and waiting for a long time. To help you a bit, you should know that repair shops may do the screen repair for iPhone 6S (6-Screen) for a price of $40 to $80, based on the damage.

Should You Go with the Third Party Screens Or Get an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

The Third-Party screens do come with warranties; still, such screens are aftermarket quality; however, OEM, from Apple, for instance, are original screens that either come from Apple manufacturing warehouses and Apple authorized dealers. The benefits of going for OEM screens is that you get the original quality of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for your broken cell phones. Yes, the third-party screens come for a low price; still, you should go with OEM screens if you do not want to lose your cell phone’s originality.


Once your cell phone gets broken, you can go to the nearest repair shop to get your cell phone repaired; it’s a  better option than waiting for the new cell phone contract. The repair cost for your cell phone may range from $40 to $80, based on your cell phone’s worth and damage. Last but not least, go with OEM over third-party screens if you don’t want to lose your cell phone’s originality. Last but not least, go with OEM than third-party screens if you don’t want to lose the originality of your cell phone.