Android phones have captured the attention of many mobile phone users with reliable processors, RAM, and storage capacities. However, your android phone can slow down in performance with time, usually because of junk data getting added to unused files and folders. Thus, many cell phone users have no choice except to install an android antivirus application to do the job for them with a single tap. However, there are other ways to boost your android phone performance as well, mentioned below:

  1. Clean the Home Screen:

Cleaning your home screen is one solution to speed up your Android phone performance. Keeping a wallpaper with widgets for weather, news, and more can cause your device to slow down because these features refresh with a smartphone unlock. The same issues can occur with your home screen with multiple windows.

  1. Enable the Data Saver Mode:

You can enable the ‘Data Saver’ option using your Chrome browser and surf without waiting for pages to load. However, you will be sacrificing image and video quality to some extent with this method of boosting your cell phone’s performance.

  1. Switch Off Auto-Sync If Possible:

The majority of smartphones have this option in Settings. You can use Settings to auto-synchronize apps you want in the background or select the ones you do not want to auto-sync.

  1. Clear Cached Data:

The most common way to clear out your junk files and make your smartphone working fast in certain tasks will require you to clear your cached data. You can use many applications to clear your cached data or use an in-built phone manager if you have one on your phone to boost your cell phone performance.

  1. Close Apps Running in the Background:

There are various apps that we cannot live without. But sometimes, they can be too much. You can deactivate some applications in your Android phones running in the background. Clearing the apps will free up RAM, load on the processor, and boost the performance of their apps on your cell phone. Some third-party apps can help you put an end to applications running in the background of your cell phone.

  1. Not for All—Install a Custom ROM:

If you are a professional Android phone user and want to enjoy using your android phone with a boost in performance, try to install a custom ROM. If you can do this, you can benefit from advanced mobile phone features and enjoy using the newest Android version.

  1. Keep the Operating System Version Up to Date:

Your Android phone may be in the official OS upgrade cycle. Therefore, you should install the latest version when available for installation to keep the bugs away from your device and boost its performance.

  1. Factory Reset:

This is your last chance to upgrade your Android phone performance. However, you need to backup everything while doing a factory reset to boost your Android phone performance. If this doesn’t work, then you’ll have to contact a cell phone repair company for this problem.


Android phones are popular for many reasons; however, they can slow down in performance. You can make use of the following eight ways to boost your cell phone performance:

  1. Clean the Home screen.
  2. Enable the Data Saver Mode.
  3. Switch off Auto-Sync If Possible.
  4. Clear Cached Data.
  5. Close Apps Running in the Background.
  6. Install a Custom ROM; not every Android phone user can do this.
  7. Keep the Operating System Version Up to Date.
  8. Factory Reset Your Android Phone.

If the above methods fail to boost your cell phone’s speed, you can pay a visit to a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver for knowing cost-effective solutions.