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Professional-level electronics repair in Vancouver, often while you wait.
Cell Phone Repair
We fix them all. Whether you have a broken screen, no charge or damage.
Tablets / Laptops
Vancouvers choice for fast and affordable tablet and laptop repair.

Cell Phone Repair Vancouver

Cell Doctor is Vancouver’s best choice for quick and affordable mobile phone and tablet repair, and we even have Same-Day-Service!

iPhone Repair

Get your iPhone fixed with the original Apple iPhone parts.

Samsung Repair

Get your Samsung phone feeling like brand new again.

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Cell Doctor is not just about cell phone repairs. We also repair iPads and other name brand tablets like Samsung. Many customers come to us asking to fix their tablets. No matter the problem you're having with your tablet, bring it into us or give us a call. There's a high chance we can get it back to looking and functioning like new.

Bring your PC or Macbook over to Cell Doctor, we can help with keyboard replacements, RAM Upgrades and more. 

If you have a damaged camera, bring it to one of our technicians. We'll diagnose it and provide a free quote.

Vancouver Cell Phone Experts

At Cell Doctor, we know just how personal and essential your phone is to you. That’s why we do our job not only with professionalism but passion as well. So, it’s not just about making your phone look and work fab again or keeping your repaired phone in tip-top shape for longer. We also put customer satisfaction above everything else to exit our shop with a memorable experience. So, if you need a quick, professional repair, feel welcome to dash into Cell Doctor.

Our team of trained technicians will help you solve any issues you’ve got. We promise to provide you with a phone repair service that will not disappoint. You don’t have to worry about fake repair components that are a total rip off and a waste of time. Cell Doctor is one of the few trusted repair brands in Vancouver, offering genuine-specification parts from the original phone manufacturers. It’s also the only repair shop in Vancouver offering its customers repair services at an affordable price.

Mobile Phone Repair Service

If you’ve been searching for a repair store near you, pass by Cell Doctor. We’ll be available throughout the day to help you with your issues. We also promise to give back your phone faster to help you get back to running your life.

Lg Phone Repair Vancouver
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Cell Doctor at Your Service for Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver

Smartphones are prone to damages, no matter how advanced they are. The most common issues your smartphone may encounter include a broken screen, dead battery, data loss, and water damage. Nevertheless, reliable cell phone repair technicians can fix every smartphone damage and software issue. Hence, Cell Doctor proudly offers its credible services for cell phone repair in Vancouver. We repair Android phones and iPhones with a warranty in Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, and Prince George. You can bring your broken cell phone to us, and we shall fix it faster than your expectations

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Why Are We the Pick of Customers for Smartphone Repair in Vancouver?

Looking for an authentic iPhone repairing and cell phone repairing shop in Vancouver? Look none other than Cell Doctor. We are the smartphone experts; thus, we repair iPhones and Android phones safely and successfully. Our technicians are renowned for smartphone repair in Vancouver. For the same reason, cell phone users consult us if they damage their phones or loss their phone data. Our trained cell phone technicians can fix your smartphone quickly and at affordable rates. We have established a positive reputation among Android and iPhone users because of our authentic repair and replacement services.

Why Choose Us for Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver?

We repair smartphones of reputable brands, besides Apple watches and tablets. Our expert hands can repair Samsung, Google, Huawei, BlackBerry, LG, Motorolla, and Sony smartphones fast, in addition to iPhones. We know what your smartphone means to you. Plus, why you come to us in Vancouver for iPhone repairSamsung repair, or other Android phone repairs. We make your broken smartphones functional again with our reliable repair services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority for cell phone repair in Vancouver. Additionally, we only utilize OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to repair cell phones. If you want to avail of a professional and quick cell phone repair at affordable rates, we are always ready.

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Why Do People Come to Us for Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver?

Broken cell phone users come to us to benefit from our authentic services, mentioned below:

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Screen Repair and Replacement

iPhone and Android phone screens are susceptible to damage if you mishandle them. Screen damages are trivial to severe; however, our factory-trained specialists can fix any damaged cell phone screen. Thus, you can rely on us for cell phone screen repair in Vancouver. We replace an iPhone screen within 30 min; thus, you can count on us for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. Additionally, Android phone screen repair and replacements are not a big deal for us.

Battery Replacement

You may hurt your cell phone battery if you use your phone without precautions. Overheating is one of the reasons your phone has a dead battery. However, an Android phone or iPhone battery can become dead with time. If you have a fast-draining battery or a dead cell phone battery, you can visit our shop for battery replacement. We offer fast iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver, over and above Android battery replacement.

Water Damage Repair

Have you dropped your smartphone into the water without noticing it? Experts recommend turning off water-damaged devices fast and remove water from them using a clothing piece after water damage accidents. Then, you have more chances of restoring your water-damaged device. Android and iPhones have an 80% chance of recovery from water damage repair. Cell Doctor is a reliable name for water damaged fix in Downtown Vancouver, Prince George, and Richmond.

Data Recovery

Have you lost your cell phone data owing to an accident or without a clue? Do not worry! We can help you in recovering your cell phone data. Whether you have mistakenly deleted your important cell phone data or lost it for any reason, we can help. We can fully restore the lost data from your phone storage memory or Micro SD (Secure Digital) card.

Speaker and Charging Port Repair

At times, we cannot hear the music on our smartphones clearly or notice distortion when receiving or attending calls. If it happens with your iPhone in Vancouver, it means you have to consider iPhone speaker repair in Vancouver. Moreover, our cell phone charger fails to detect its charger sometimes. In that case, you have to ponder cell phone charging port repair. Cell Doctor conducts both speaker and charging port repair for smartphones.

Cell Phone Camera Repair

You may not get the desired results from your cell phone camera if its camera has a fault. A few signs of a broken cell phone camera include blurry photos or spots while we capture photographs through phones. Nonetheless, we conduct both front camera repair and back camera repair of smartphones. Hence, you can contact us if your cell phone camera is not functioning as usual.

Front and Black Glass Repair

Whether you own an iPhone or Samsung smartphone, their front and black glass can damage with mishandling. If you have broken your cell phone's front or back glass, we can replace your phone glass fast. Do not waste any time and benefit from our front or back glass replacement service for your broken cell phone.

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