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Cell Doctor is one of the best iPhone repair brands in British Columbia. We offer fast and professional repair using original specification replacement components.

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We only use genuine Apple replacements parts.

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Our certified cell phone technicians are some of the best trained in the industry.

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Use the form to tell us about the damage to your device and we'll let you know the cost to repair it.

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Common iPhone Repairs

If you're iPhone is damaged in some way, there's a high chance it can be repaired

Screen Repair

Screen Repair

Software Unlock

Software / Unlock

Cell Phone Camera Repair

Camera Repair

Cell Phone Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Cell Phone Speaker Repair

Speaker Microphone

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage

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  • 100% warranty repairs and replacements
  • Genuine OEM repair and replacement parts
  • Complete cell phone services under one roof
  • Expert and trained Cell Phone technicians
  • Strict quality control and protocol
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iPhone Repair in Vancouver by Cell Doctor

Have you broken your iPhone and looking for a service to perform the repair for you? Please, don’t get lost! We are a reliable and reputable cell phone repair service for iPhone repair in Vancouver. Our experts can repair your iPhone for sure and make it function like as it’s new. Whatever your issue is, we have the expertise, tools, equipment, and all the required experience to analyze and repair your iPhone by leaps and bounds. Cell Doctor utilizes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to repair iPhones, and our warranty is one the best in the business.

Looking for Effective iPhone Repair in Vancouver?

If you have damaged, cracked, or broken your iPhone screen in unwanted circumstances, you will certainly like to fix the issue rather than investing hundreds of dollars to buy a new iPhone. The question is: Can you trust any repair service for iPhone screen replacement in Vancouver? The answer is: No. You should only trust a repair service that deals in original parts while repairing iPhones, whether it’s an iPhone screen or any other part. Cell Doctor has highly-trained technicians who are certified to replace the iPhone screen in Vancouver in quick time. With Cell Doctor as your chosen repair service, you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to get your iPhone screen repaired.

Our Experts Are Well-known for iPhone Battery Repair in Vancouver

Don’t think that your cell phone is experiencing a bad battery if your cell phone is not charging at the expected rate. We are a specialist in iPhone battery repair in Vancouver, so you can have full faith in us to fix your iPhone battery. To let us help you, all you need to do is visit our location, where our cell phone battery experts will test your battery’s ability and let you know if it can be fixed. Our experts will continue fixing your battery if they find out that the issue can be resolved. They will replace the iPhone battery only if needed.

We Are Also Known in Vancouver to Fix iPhone Microphones & Speakers, Cameras, and A Few Other Issues

Are you having issues hearing phone calls and music on your iPhone? It means there are issues with your microphone or speaker. Don’t worry! We have got you covered, as we are also known for iPhone microphone and speaker repairs in Vancouver.

Don’t panic even if your iPhone has fallen into the water! There is a ninety percent (90%) chance that your water-damaged iPhone can be repaired. Moreover, if your iPhone camera is not captivating pictures normally, you can get it fixed with our iPhone camera repair service in Vancouver.

If your iPhone has accidentally locked or is facing issues with its software, we can get these fixed for you without taking too long.

The Services That We Offer for iPhone Repair in Vancouver:

Our repair services for iPhones include the following:

  • iPhone screen repair in Vancouver that also includes iPhone screen replacement in Vancouver
  • iPhone software issues/unlock in Vancouver
  • iPhone camera repair Vancouver
  • iPhone battery replacement Vancouver
  • iPhone microphone and speaker repairs in Vancouver
  • iPhone water damage repair in Vancouver

What Other Repairs Do We Offer?

It doesn’t matter you have an iPhone or a device other than it; Cell Doctor has all the solutions to your needs. We perform phone repairs in Vancouver as well as Apple watch repair in Vancouver at competitive prices. As breaking the phone screen is very common in Vancouver; thus, we offer you the services for phone screen repair in Vancouver; however, it isn’t our sole expertise. We do fix cell phone software issues, repair cameras, microphones & speakers, water-damaged cell phones, and replace cell phone batteries. Moreover, our services are not just limited to fixing cell phones and smartwatches. Our technicians can also repair tablets and laptops in a matter of hours. All you need to do to make the most of our service by paying a visit with your damaged electronic device to our location and leave the rest to us.