Accidental screen damage is an unfortunately common problem among Blackberry smartphone users worldwide. From smashed screens to dead pixels— it can be incredibly deflating to suddenly find your hard-working device broken or damaged, especially when it feels like a dream device within budget.

However, you don’t have just to take it sitting down. Equipped with the proper knowledge, you can arm yourself with preventative measures that help keep your phone from any unwanted deterioration.

By considering these expert tips and tricks, stay ahead and Kindle your Blackberry’s optimal usage and function. We’ve curated them carefully to help newcomers and existing users enjoy your smartphone worry-free and without bug destruction!

Avoid Exposing Your Phone to Extreme Temperatures

We love our Blackberry phones the way one loves a best friend—dependable, helpful, and often running late, no matter how hard you treat them. Unfortunately, our beloved companions can be susceptible to damage if mishandled. Thankfully, one of the critical secrets to your phone’s longevity is to protect it from extreme temperatures.

From desert scorchers in the summer to arctic chills in the winter, excessive heat and cold can strain your phone’s fragile screen. For example, extreme heat can cause your LCD to warp—rendering it pretty useless—while frigid temperatures can cause micro-fractures—with enough time, these could eventually lead to cracking.

Responsible stewardship calls for enough precaution to protect a long-live Blackberry phone against large temperature swings. So anytime you’re heading outside—scarf, gloves, hat, and of course, pocketed phone firmly by your side.

Invest in a Sturdy, Protective Case for Your Device

As a Blackberry owner, the last thing you want to see is a damaged fingerprinted screen, blocking simple and smooth access to your device. Repairs would be costly, but they could also instantly stop your buzzing life.

If you want to avoid such an unlikely possibility, the best bet is to prepare and get your device some good protection. Sure, going sans case can feel like an adventure, but you can forget about the high of the daredevil life when gravity beckons and you’re left devasted with a smashed screen seeing stars.

But there’s always a choice; it doesn’t have to end tragically. There are plenty of pocket-friendly cases that would be a beacon of trust for your Blackberry. Knowing the kind of security it ensures, the minute price you pay for it can bring you a lifetime of flexibility.

Too much waiting can lead to unforgiving chances – guard your Blackberry and enjoy continuous functional stringency for years of wealth (nice pun, right?)!

Keep the Screen Clean by Wiping it with a Microfiber Cloth

You and your Blackberry go together like two peas in a pod. But have you ever stopped to think of the consequences of allowing your fingers to slip, resulting in a damaged screen? Repair costs can be sky-high and obliterate the convenience you’ve become so used to with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Well, instead of abandoning your trusty Blackberry upon its damaged screen, why not seek help in prevention? That’s right, prevention. And the weapon of choice, you ask? Enter the microfiber cloth.

The microfiber cloth is a miracle makeover master key protected by numerous particles of fineness. A fabric encased in replicating reproductions the size of mere molecules, created to grip dirt, smear, grease, and other involuntary students of knowledge found camped out on your Blackberry screen.

With a safeguarded weapon of essentially neutral paleness, you’ll be well on your way to an action-packed day, minus the expense of thyroid-burning repair costs.

Say goodbye to the panic of mistreating your Blackberry’s pane and say hello to powder-smooth wafts of breath showers shared in the comfort of a microfiber cloth.

Don’t Keep Your Phone in Tight Pockets, as this can cause Scratches or Bends

Do you ever worry about protecting your smartphone – but just from the obvious risks like accidental drops? When protecting your device, we forget that even if it is safely in your pocket, it’s still unsafe!

It’s an uncomfortable reality –despite your diligent care, too many phones in tight pockets may scratch or even gradually bend your screen. But don’t despair – it doesn’t have to be this way!

Choose your clothes carefully to keep your phone safe from any potential fallout due to fashion faux pas. Ditch the tight jeans for wide-leg trousers, or look out for everyday bags that will keep your phone safe – like gingham for phones!

Even the little changes can ensure your Blackberry screen remains smooth sailing and will still look like it was only unboxed yesterday. A few minor changes in the name of screen protection can make a difference.

Don’t Lean or Press Against the Screen when Typing on Your Device

If you want to ensure your Blackberry’s touchscreen remains in peak condition, it pays to be mindful of how you treat it. The pressure of heavy fingers and leaning when typing? Not ideal. After all, any typing could cause tiny cracks to appear if done too long.

So next time you’re tempted to lean on the touch screen to get those pesky messages right, take a breather and find an alternative support means — we recommend a desk or comfy lap. Doing so lets you keep your blackberry in tip-top shape and relish its touchy sweetness for the long haul.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of our post on the top tips to prevent your Blackberry screen from getting damaged. We hope this article has helped you with enough knowledge and tactics to keep on tippy-toeing around any potential danger that may damage your beloved device. Mum’s been on at us about spills, so hopefully, this should get her off our backs for a while!  Now, these tips are vital when protecting your trusty sidekick, but if, after taking all of this advice into account, you’re still faced with a broken or glitchy screen, don’t worry – we have your back! So don’t hesitate and reach out to an experienced electronic repair expertcontact us for more information and be sure to give our tips another go in the mean time; they just might save your device after all!