LG is backing off from the smartphone business after suffering losses for years. The South Korean giant failed to establish itself as Samsung and Apple, and it also failed as a substitute to the likes of OnePlus or Motorola. Nonetheless, LG also succeeded in coming up with some spectacular phones. This post shall look at some of the best and the worst LG phones in history. So without further ado, let us review those phones:

The Best LG Phones

The best LG phones in history are as follows:

  1. LG G2:

In 2013, LG launched LG G2 and ignored the conventional smartphone design by introducing the Power and Volume buttons on the phone’s back. In this phone, ‘Knock On,’ an official way to double-tap the display, was introduced to wake it.

  1. LG V10:

LG V10 in 2015 featured a professional design. It also offered the feature of a replaceable battery when it became obsolete. This phone stood out owing to its Quad DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) for wired audio and the second display right above the main one.

  1. LG V20:

LG V20 adopted a lot of what the V10 did right and improved it for 2016, featuring a Quad DAC, replaceable battery, a similar software, and a camera experience. V20’s build quality and audio hardware were admired, though its camera was a disappointment as per reviews.

  1. LG G6:

LG G6 featured an 18:9 QHD LCD, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner/power button, and Snapdragon 821, and all of those features were good in 2017. Its battery was mediocre, yet the call and camera quality was excellent.

  1. LG Velvet:

LG Velvet, in 2020, was something different. The look and the feel of this phone delivered its promise. The raindrop array of rear cameras and 5G compatibility level made this phone an inexpensive alternative in the world of 5G phones.

The Worst LG Phones

The worst LG phones in history are as follows:

  1. LG G8x ThinQ:

It came when other phone makers experimented with foldable screens; this phone stuck to a 6.4-inch OLED panel next to another, and the implementation looked awkward. Notable, Google Chrome was not optimized for this phone’s dual-screen approach, and launching games was also an irritating experience.

  1. LG G5:

LG G5 was not necessarily a bad phone, but its modularity offered to tote around different add-ons, limiting its portability. However, its wide-angle camera was great.

  1. LG Double Play:

LG launched its phone, DoublePlay, back in 2011 when QWERTY phones were on the exit; however, LG stuck to the conventional keyboards with this phone. It has a single main display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Moreover, its keyboard was split with a second display in the middle. Nonetheless, DoublePlay featured a terrible battery life, a chunky body, and poor ergonomics. As a result, it was not a stand-out phone despite LG’s effort to be a dominant player in the smartphone market.


LG has never been a success among the smartphone giants. For this reason, LG decided to quit the business of smartphones. Its worst smartphones in history include LG G8x ThinQ, LG G5, and LG Double Play. Nevertheless, LG was able to make some noticeable phones as well, mentioned below:

  1. LG G2 (Featured a few innovations in design).
  2. LG V10 (Stood out owing to its Quad DAC).
  3. LG V20 (Even a better phone than LG V20).
  4. LG G6 (Featured specifications that were the need of time).
  5. LG Velvet (Known for its look and feel).

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