Have you dropped your cell phone into water? Do you think it’s game over for you? The photos you care about the most be gone because your cell phone has fallen into the water. You don’t have the backups for your cell phone, so you think everything has ended badly for you. You should be glad to hear that cell phones do not die upon instant contact with water; thus, you can fix them even if there’s significant damage.

What Should You Do If Your Cell Phones Gets Dropped into Water?

Water never wastes its time circulating throughout the phone, and the damage it causes can be enormous. Thus, if your cell phone falls into the water, do the following things:

  • Instantly, take it out from the water and turn it off.
  • Use gloves and wipe it clean with the sanitizer and microfiber cloth.
  • Dry the phone as much dry as you can.
  • Remove things from cell phones, such as its battery, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, and headphones/cords.
  • Place the phone upright if you are unable to remove its battery.

Please, don’t do the following:

  • Drying your phone in the microwave; it’s a dangerous activity and can ignite a fire.
  • Putting your phone in the freezer; obviously, it will be a mad act.
  • Utilizing a hair-dryer to dry your cell phone, as the heat can fry already blown-out circuits.
  • Putting your cell phone near a radiator, as it emits enough heat.
  • Putting your cell phone in a bag of rice. Many studies have discovered this practice is not fast enough to counteract the corrosion that comes with water damage.

What’s the Best Thing to Do with Water Damaged Cell Phones?

Letting your cell phone dry off entirely on your own is never a good idea. Water can do damage under the surface where your hands can’t reach. Unless you are mechanically-inclined, you can go for repairing the cell phone on your own. If the cell phone has wholly misfunctioned, you should find out whether the phone is in warranty or not. If not, you will need to take the bull by the horns and visit the nearest repair shop to get it repaired. It will be the best thing to do.

However, if your cell phone has dropped into the water, and it still lets you do a few things, you should immediately take it to the repair shop to fix your cell phone. You will also be able to save enough money by getting your defected cell phone repaired, in contrast to getting your completely malfunctioned cell phone repaired. Many shops in Canada offer cell phone repair services, so finding one will not be much of a hassle for you.

Some Practical Tips to Prevent Water Damage:

The following tips are very effective to prevent water damage:

  • Buy a case for your cell phone: Unfortunately, there are no water-resistant cases; however, if you place your cell phone in a case, then chances are it will not get fully dipped into the winter while brightening your chances to get it repaired easily.
  • Always be alert to your surroundings. Try not to use your cell phone in the surroundings where you see loads of water.
  • Please, don’t use a cell phone while you are in a toilet. It’s also a place where you can drop your cell phone into the water.


Hopefully, you are now well-aware of what to do with your cell phone to prevent water damage. You will need to follow some do’s and don’ts to avoid further hurting your cell phone after water damage. The best solution to get your cell phone repaired is the repair shop. To sum up, you will need to follow some practical tips to prevent your cell phone from water damage.