Cell phones are so important to us, yet we use them like cheap gadgets. Prices of smartphones are now significantly higher than in previous years and for obvious reasons. In such times, having a phone with everything intact for more than two years is such a bargain. The most important part of our phone, “the battery,” has to be in a healthy condition to extend the phone’s life that long.

Most people have hazardous charging habits for their phones. With such toxic charging habits, they are soon worried about how to replace the battery of their smartphone, which is such a tedious task. If you want your phone to last at least two years, you must understand healthy charging habits.

Here is how you can adopt these habits and extend the life of your cell phone battery.

1.  Don’t Fully Drain The Battery

Some people believe that you should only charge your phone when the battery is fully drained. This is a dangerous routine for your smartphone. Cell phones are very smart these days and how they are made today is all about saving more time for the user. So, these lithium-ion batteries are designed to get you through the day and once you are not using your phone, put it on charge immediately. The longer you use your phone without charging, the more its battery deteriorates.

2.  Don’t Overcharge Your Phone

All the new smartphones indeed have a system to protect its battery from overcharging. The problem starts when you use your phone for more than a year. After a year or so, the charging system starts wearing out, and the charge keeps leaking into the battery. Putting your phone on charge several times a week so that it overcharges can cause severe battery health losses.

3.  Don’t Leave It On Charge Overnight

The difference between simply overcharging your phone’s battery and charging it overnight is of the extended overcharging. This one is harder on your phone’s battery than the previous one. When you leave your phone on charge for the entire night (meaning at least 8 hours), the battery goes through several up and down cycles. Once the battery is fully charged, it will stop taking more current from the charger, and with the charger still plugged in, it falls to 99%, it will start drawing current again. Two or three such cycles and you will be looking at one of the signs of buying a new phone.

4.  Don’t Play Videos While Charging

This is one of the most challenging things to do when you are binge-watching your favourite TV show. That curiosity to know what’s next in the plot can cause your phone to suffer a lot. This is because when you watch a video on your phone while it’s on the charge, it goes in parasitic loading. So as your phone draws some charge from the charger, you quickly consume it. This eventually causes short-charge cycles, and then your phone struggles with retaining the charge for longer hours.

The Take-Away

Now you know how to keep your cell phone’s battery healthy, and you can change your phone’s charging routine instantly. If you have already used up too much of your cell phone’s battery, you can use some professional cell phone repair services.