We rely on our smartphones for every little thing. We can’t bear to live without them for even a minute. We carry them in our pockets everywhere we go. But that comes with a price. They have become so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget we even have them. For example, you could be sitting in a class and put your cell phone on your lap, then you get up to leave, and the cell phone drops on the floor. Or you might have placed it at the corner of the table, and when you try to grab it, you knock it off the table, and it goes down.

Once you pick it up, it might look OK to you. There’s no crack, no damage to the screen as far as you can tell, but there could be all kinds of internal damage that you might not know of.

That doesn’t happen every time, but the more you drop it, the more chances of something on the inside getting damaged.

Let us ask you a question. Have you ever felt like that your cell phone is glitching? It doesn’t respond to commands as it used to do before? Well, if you said yes to these questions. Your cell phone might have some internal damage. Although it looks fine from the outside, there is a problem inside.

This article will talk about how your cell phone gets damaged when you drop it a lot and some tips on avoiding dropping the cell phone.

Internal damage that happens when you drop your phone

The damage to your cell phone is directly proportional to the number of times you drop it multiplied by the intensity of the drop. For instance, you were coming out of your car, and you accidentally dropped it on the hard surface like a rock. This drop could damage your cell phone’s internal structure severely. The logic board is one of the things which could get damaged. For those of you unaware of the logic board, let us tell you that it contains many connectors, and different components are soldered to it. When there is a forceful impact, the logic board will get loose. As a result, your device would come up with various issues. The best thing would be to take it to a professional repair shop to diagnose the issue and correct it.

On the other hand, people can protect their device when it falls by having a protective case on it. There are thousands of different kinds of cases available in the market. You can even choose to get an extremely robust case.

Damage to the Components when you drop the phone.

We will discuss the different components of your phone which get impacted when you drop your mobile phone and how it affects the performance.

1-     Camera: When you drop your phone, the camera lens might get scratches on It, which would affect the quality of the images. The pictures could be blurry.

2-     Speed: It could reduce the overall performance of your cell phone. The internal components of your phone may become micro fractured if you drop it.

How you can avoid dropping your phone 

Nowadays, the phone’s design is so sleek that you might not want to put it in a protective case. But unless you do that, you could damage your phone and pay heavily for it. So why not look at some of the tips on how you can avoid the accident happening? Some of the most common tips that would help you not break your screen….. and your heart as well. Right? 

1- Never take your phone to the toilet. According to one research, One in three people are found guilty of dropping their phone in the bathroom. Suppose you drop your phone inside the water bucket, and it’s not functional anymore. Water damage could be so severe and make your phone irreparable.

2- Use a phone ring or a holder. We all know that having a screen protector is so important. You could crack your screen when you drop the phone on the hard surface. Similarly, if a person is clumsy or has the habit of holding the phone even if their hand is full, then the ring holder would be best for them. You can grip your phone tight by putting your fingers into the ring.

3- Use A good phone case. This is one of the most important things you could do to protect your phone even it drops. Getting a robust phone case would save a lot of damage to your phone. You could get a phone case in a variety of shapes and designs. People need to choose the one they think will absorb the impact when the cellphone hits the ground.


You might not be aware of the damage when you drop your phone. You’d only see that it looks good from the outside and works fine. However, you might not know what’s happening inside your phone. If you drop your mobile phone a lot, you could end up with issues on your phone, and you’d only realize the reason for that when the repair technician tells you. Make sure that you have a practical phone case, and a ring holder is also attached.

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