Good News for Apple fans, since iOS 15.2 update is out. This mobile operating system update bought new features to the devices with an Apple logo on its back. The biggest announcement in iOS 15.2 is the addition of a TV app to be a unified hub for all your streaming services. There are also some significant changes in the Photos app, which you’ll find useful if you use your iPhone as a camera. However, iOS 15.2 update also brought enhanced security to keep your phone protected. In this article, we will discuss all iOS 15.2 and its feature in detail.

Apple TV App:

The major announcement in iOS 15.2 is the addition of a TV app, where you can discover and watch videos from across your favourite services using one app. The TV app shows you what’s new and trending, suggests movies and TV shows to watch, and recommends YouTube videos if you use Apple TV as a Chromecast device. It has all the video apps, including HBO Now, Watch ESPN, Starz, Showtime Anytime, and Cinemax. You can subscribe to the premium video services directly within the TV app. In order to browse across all your apps, there is Siri support as well. This addition is a game-changer for Apple TV users.

Photos App:

In iOS 15.2, the Photos app gets a significant update. The Photos app now groups your photos by day and by month. You will be able to find photos from a certain month or day easier. The Photos app can also recognize objects and scenes in your photos and group them accordingly. For example, the Photos app will group all your beach photos. This feature is powered by the new Image Analysis API, which will be open to developers in future. More third-party apps are likely to take advantage of this API soon. But for now, it will work only with Apple apps.

Security Enhancements:

iOS 15.2 update comes with enhanced security features to keep your phone protected. One of the new security features is the addition of two-factor authentication for the iCloud account. It will make it harder for someone to access your iCloud account, even if they have your username and password. With iOS 15.2, you can now share your location with a friend for a limited period. It is useful if you meet someone and want them to find you easily. The Find My Friends app has been updated to include this feature. Finally, iOS 15.2 brings support for USB-restricted mode. When you enable this mode, it will block all data transfers through the Lightning port unless you unlock your device with a passcode. It is another measure to increase the security of your device.


The Safari browser in iOS 15.2 now supports AirPlay streaming. You can stream videos and music from websites to your Apple TV. You have to tap the Share button on a page that supports AirPlay and select your Apple TV. This feature is available only on the iPhone and iPad.

Touch ID:

There are some improvements in the Touch ID software in iOS 15.2 update. It’s the same technology that Apple uses for Face ID in iPhone X. Also, you can now use Touch ID to authorize app purchases from the App Store.


In iOS 15.2 updates, the Settings app has been redesigned. It is now more organized and easier to use. You can quickly find the settings you are looking for by browsing through different categories. The Cellular Data category has also been renamed to Mobile Data. This is to avoid confusing people who are not familiar with cellular data on their phones.

Mail App:

There are some improvements in the Mail app as well. You can now use custom notification sounds for individual mailboxes, which is really convenient if you have many email accounts on your device. The Auto-play videos option has moved from Settings to the Mail app. So, if you want to disable auto-play videos in the Mail app, you can do it from the Settings > Music section. The mail app also supports split view on the iPad now. It means that you can use two email accounts simultaneously in different windows.


In iOS 15.2 updates, CarPlay gets a new look. The main screen in CarPlay now has three tabs: Home, Now Playing, and Maps. The Home tab contains all the apps installed on your cars, such as Phone, Music, Maps, and Messages. The Now Playing tab contains all the currently playing media, such as a song from Music or a podcast from your favourite podcast app. Car play is really useful if you have lots of music stored on your device but don’t want to use it for viewing phone-specific data. The Maps tab contains all the map apps installed on your devices, such as Google Maps and Waze.

Bug Fixes:

In addition to these big changes, iOS 15.2 brings some minor bug fixes. So, overall, iOS 15.2 is a great update with lots of new features and improvements.


IOS 15.2 is a great update with lots of new features and improvements. So, those are the nine biggest new features in iOS 15.2. If you want to learn more about iOS 15.2, we suggest you head to Apple’s website and check out the release notes. If you haven’t updated to iOS 15.2 yet, we suggest you do so soon. Bug fixes are important, but the performance tweaks and new features are equally important. Feel free to contact us for more details. Thanks for reading!